Add words to personal dictionary

I’m writing a novel in Scrivener and repeating many names and two-word phrases. I’ve searched through the manual and online without success. I feel sure there is a shortcut to enable this because I remember adding a foreign proper name long ago. Where should I be looking? Thanks for any help :blush:


For the spelling, right clicking a word that is reported as misspelled there is a “learn spelling” menu item that adds the word to the dictionary.

You may also “ignore spelling” if it is only for this one project.

As for auto-complete suggestions, that is in the project settings. Auto-complete list.
Either manually add all your desired completions to this list, or right-click in the editor, again, there is an menu item to add them one at a time as you think of them.

…And I almost forgot : for auto-completion to work you need to have it activated in the options.
Options / Corrections / Corrections → Suggest completion as you type

Thanks very much. All sorted now :blush:.

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The learn function was not working on a right-click, but you can “learn” a word through opening the Edit->Spelling and Grammar->Show Spelling and Grammar. I am using Mac, Scrivener 3, Ventura 13.

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