Added Styles Being Overridden when Compiled

I added new text styles in my manuscript. When I go to compile the document, the style is overridden. I went to setting of the compile mode but only the initially provided styles show up in the settings to be changed. I am trying to have copy appears as texts so formatting is super important of this style.

TIA for any help. This is my first book so all of this is new to me.

“Import” the Editor Style in the list of Compile Styles with the button with a plus-sign at the top right of the Styles page in the Compile Format Designer. Check the formatting of that Style in the Formatting Editor at the bottom half of the page.

Select a test section and Compile with the Filter above the right-hand side column of the Compile Overview window set to Binder Selection.

Hope this Helps

If you want text of a specific style to compile as it looks in the editor, it is actually the other way around. You don’t want it in the compile format’s styles panel’s list.

I guess we are going to need to know more to diagnose why this is happening.

  1. What output format are you compiling to?

  2. In what way are the passages of text that have been given a defined style failing to reflect the style specification. For example is it just losing the specified font or what?

  3. You defined and named some styles. Have you double checked that the passages that looked “according to style” are actually assigned that style? I ask, because typically one adjusts the look of a paragraph and then defines a style using that paragraph as the style specification. Doing this does not (if memory serves) also assign the new defined style to that paragraph — that is a separate act.

That is all I can think to ask at the moment.

I think I determined the issue which just led to another question. I am compiling to mobi and a PDF as a 6x9 paperback. They both seem to be having the same issue.

It is related to the margins. To make it look like texts, I have “received texts” justified left and cut off at 6" so they don’t take up the entire page. “Sent texts” are justified right and indented two inches. When my document compiles the “received” texts go across the entire space. I am guessing because the format is 6". I don’t know what the size of eBooks are but I imagine similar. The “sent texts” only take up half the page so I assume they are indenting the two inches.

Should I format to how it will compile knowing both formats are roughly 6"?

You might consider using a two-cell table, with the received texts in the left cells and the sent texts in the right. That would be page-width agnostic, so the formatting won’t break when someone reads the e-book full screen on an Apple Studio Display.