Added to MacUpdate - what the...?

Hello folks.

I have just been notified that Scrivener RC 1.0 b1 has been added to MacUpdate:

Not sure how this happened, and frankly, I’m really annoyed that Scrivener has been added whilst still in beta. I wanted to keep Scrivener away from MacUpdate or VersionTracker until 1.0 was ready, so that I didn’t get a sudden influx of users whilst the program is not in a final stage. But there it is. :frowning:

The really annoying thing is that the download there points to beta 1 - which is unstable, so I am going to get lots of bug reports from users who are using an old version.

So: if you came to this forum after downloading Scrivener via MacUpdate, please do make sure that you download the latest beta from the Beta Testing section of the forum. And please do be patient and understand that this is beta software, and that it was not my intention to advertise Scrivener just yet.

Now I realise that I sound unwelcoming to new users! Not at all - if you downloaded Scrivener through MacUpdate, thank you for taking an interest! I hope you find Scrivener useful.

All the best,

I always thought the developers had to ask (or even to pay) Macupdate and Versiontracker in order to see their applications mentioned on these sites …

But, Keith, can’t you make the download pointing to b2?

Hopefully - it looks like I have to create a developer account to change it, so I’ll try to fix it a little later this evening.

Ohmy! I just posted a comment there. Hopefully that will help as not everyone notices or understands beta versioning.

It’s not unusual for Macupdate to add beta versions to their list without the developer’s consent. IIRC, this also happened to Jesse Grosjean and to the guy who develops Books (the database program). I think it’s their ambition to be more up-to-date than Versiontracker that leads to this rather irritating behaviour.

I don’t know how they find out about these programs, but I would guess that they monitor the search queries that don’t yield results, and when a search for a program named “Scrivener” is entered multiple times by many users, they try to track it down and add it to their list. Or maybe it was an overzealous Scrivener user who submitted the link to MU to give you more public exposure … Just send MU an email and ask them to be removed. Or enjoy the rush of traffic :wink: