Adding a colon to the title of a Part in ToC?

In my Compiled ToC, I have, for example, Part One Deceptively Yours (Chapters 1-8)

I’d like to add a colon between One and Deceptively and for all subsequent titles following each of the other Parts. I’ve gone through the Placeholder tags but didn’t see anything that could help. I did try adding a colon after part in <$t:part:>, and tried adding an additional carriage return after the placeholder, but didn’t see any difference. Anyone have any suggestions how I might do this?

If you want a colon between the words, put it outside the placeholder, with spaces either side of it.

Not at a Mac, so I can’t verify this, but I think it will work as you want.

Yes! Briar Kit, you came to the rescue again. Thanks very much. No need for a space after the placeholder, should anyone else want to do something similar.

Welcome. My brain clearly wasn’t in gear when mentioning the spaces. Was thinking of an en dash…

Part One – Deceptively Yours

…rather than…

Part One: Deceptively Yours

…even though I had written colon. Doh.

Good luck.