Adding a note to a snapshot

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I’m about to start editing a large project in scrivener (novel). I’m using snapshots to handle different drafts of chapters, but this can get a little unwieldy. It’s hard sometimes to find the right older snapshot. I give them helpful titles sometimes but even then sometimes I can’t find the right previous version. It would be really helpful if there was some way to attach a note to your snapshots, so I can give a snapshot some more context which would help me find the right one later. I don’t think this is possible. You can write notes to accompany a document (helpful) but such notes are not stored in a snapshot.

Am I missing something? Is there an easy way to do this? If not I will post this as a feature request. It’s the one thing in scrivener that I’m really missing. Otherwise it does everything I need it to do.


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What if you put a new document just under “Draft” (or where you like) and write as much as you want to explain that snapshot. Of course, remove these before compiling as a deliverable.

If duplicate snapshot you want by taking a snapshot of it (cannot edit snapshot titles once created) and add symbol like ! in front, if click snapshot titles the snapshots are ordered alphabetically with the symbol showing up first in the line, Could even use different symbols for different types of edits.

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As I suspected, there is room in title to write quite a bit of text. I don’t know the max is and could not test as I could not get a large view like you have demonstrated. What steps did you take to get that view?

Not sure I understand the question…
All I did is make the inspector a tad wider than what I normally have it set to,
then I cut/pasted the text below in the snapshot’s title.


20 lines should do… ? :stuck_out_tongue:
I probably could have kept going…

The question seems clear to me, but I guess you answered it from your perspective.

On my MacBook, earlier I widened it thinking it would do as you show. There is a limit to how wide it can go and it does not enlarge the cell holding the Title. Guess a difference for how Windows vs. macOS handle the form.

You need carriage returns to be pasted in for it to grow taller.


How wide it can get is a max % of your screen, I suppose.

That’s the max for me:

No apparent way to add carriage returns to the title text. When I paste in text with carriage returns, doesn’t expand and doesn’t take all the text. You clearly are seeing different behavior on Microsoft Windows than I see on Apple macOS. I expected my Mac to behave with these Title cells you see, but apparently not. Behavior probably buried deep in the OS.

I’m on macOS 13.0.1 with Scivener 3.2.3

Oh. That’s too bad…
Perhaps try line-breaks ?

That then also mean that there could be a problem for a cross platform project.

Tired 'em all (Return key on its own, Return with cmd, Return with option, Return with control, Enter with shift). And copy/paste from BBedit.

That doesn’t work for me either…
You need to PASTE it.

Write a few lines in your editor, with a carriage return at the end of each line.
Then copy the whole to the snapshot’s title.

This time paste from BBEdit puts all the text in, but the cell does not expand.

I don’t know what BBedit is.
Try from Scrivener’s editor, maybe.

BBEdit is a mainline well respected text editor.

Tried in Scrivener too. Text from outside pasted in seems to get to cell, but the cell does not expand to show it.

To close out the thread, @Vincent_Vincent and I in “messages” pursued, and it seems that only in Scrivener Windows do the cells in the table list of Snapshots do any sort of word-wrapping or expansion. Scrivener macOS does not enlarge the cell if warranted. Bug? Dunno.

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It doesn’t wrap in the Windows’ version either.
Only pasting a carriage return spawns a new line, making the cell taller.
Bug in the Mac version ? I don’t think so.
Pretty sure that this behavior in the Windows version (although useful to some extent) is not intended by the devs. Just some sort of enjoyable fluke.

[EDIT] I just tried with a line feed instead of a carriage return, and that works too.


@rms and I tried a cross platform project and it indeed failed.

This isn’t helpful after you’ve made the snapshot, but what about putting an inline annotation at the top of the document you’re about to create a snapshot of? There’s a check-box in the compile window that will strip out any annotations on the compiled output, so you don’t have to worry about leaving them there.


or put info in note section which snapshot is one you want. That will not be included in compile and no limits on note info.

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