Adding a photo

I am new to Scrivener and I’m sure this is really simple, but I’m having trouble adding a photo. I’d like to be able to add photos from a website and I thought that I’d just “copy” the photo and then “paste” it into a research folder, but that isn’t working. I don’t want to import the whole webpage, just the photo. I also tried dragging and dropping, but that didn’t work either.

Whether that works properly is up to the how the browser handles images on the pasteboard (which is used for both Copy and drag and drop). Both methods work perfectly for me in SeaMonkey (same engine as Firefox) and Safari. For browsers that don’t work well with these methods, you can just use the save image right-click command instead of copy, and then drag and drop the image from Finder into your text (or straight into the Binder if you just want it as a stand-alone resource).