Adding cells to tables

I use a lot of tables in Scrivener because it allows me to keep everything nice and tidy. However, more and for often I find myself annoyed by the fact that if I need one cell I have no choice but to add an entire row and then more everything around to make it look proper again. :confused:

Which is why an I would like to suggest adding the possibility, when right-clicking, of adding a single cell above or below. I know this is an option in Excell but I really don’t want to use that, so I hope it might be added to Scrivener. It would me much appreciated!! :smiley:

I’m having a hard time visualising this one, could you perhaps post a before/after screenshot of what you’re looking for? The way they work currently is that the table has a set number of columns and rows. If you add a column it will have as many rows as currently exist, and if you add a row it will have as many columns as currently exists for the table. A new row with more or less columns would go against expected behaviour as far as I’ve seen.

I am having the same problem. I can’t get it to split cells - and I can’t select two cells above each other without selecting entire rows, so I can’t just add rows and then merge the cells I didn’t want split! The “split cells” option is there in the tables formatting pane, why doesn’t it actually work? Is there some trick I’m missing here?

In general, I find tables to be Scrivener’s major weak spot. Was this functionality pulled directly from OSX TextEdit? Because it seems to have exactly the same problems. I use a ton of tables in my academic writing, often with complicated formats that require splitting and merging cells, and it’s really annoying to have to open up Word or Excel every time I want to make one. (And half the time pasting those back into scrivener just results in an absolute mess.) I would be SO happy if the next version has better table functionality!

Yes, the Mac version uses the standard OS X text system, so it’s tables are the same as those in TextEdit. They are far from perfect, but the problem is that, as a one man operation (we are a team, but I’m the sole Mac programmer), we don’t have the resources really to completely replace those tables with something else. It’s not just replacing them in the UI - if I replace them with something else (a hugely complex task in itself), I would also need to rewrite all the importers and exporters to deal with the custom tables code. And given that our core format - RTF - uses OS X’s standard importers, this suddenly turns into not just replacing tables but writing our own RTF importers and exporters from scratch, too.

We would definitely like to improve the tables in the future, but for now it’s just out of scope, I’m afraid, and they will definitely be staying the same for the next major update. I’d really like to be able to get another programmer on board at some point, but there aren’t many out there who are available and would be able to do this anyway. (I could do it myself but it would take several months on this feature alone, while everything else fell by the wayside, which is why I haven’t been able to address it.)

All the best,

Keith - Thank you for your comments on improving the use of tables in Scrivener. I just discovered Scrivener and find it very useful in organizing my thoughts on writing nonfiction (e.g. scientific writing). Tables are ubiquitous in scientific writing and I hope the popularity (and sales!) of Scrivener progress to the point where you can hire another programmer to improve the handling of tables. But in the meantime, I love being able to organize my thoughts using Scrivener’s features.