Adding Cover Image To PDF?

I’m new to Scrivener (and here) so I’m grateful for this resource.

I noticed if I was to compile for Kindle, “Cover Image” is right there in the compile options. When I compile for a PDF, however, there is no such option. One tutorial said to just drag a cover image in the binder to the top, but I get a warning “Media files cannot be dragged into the Draft folder.” So then I try adding an image manually to a text section. But it isn’t full screen, and I am not sure how to remove the margin for a text section. I’ve also searched the tutorial with “Cover Image” but there doesn’t seem to be an explanation. Little help?

Anyone have any idea how I can add a cover image to a PDF?

It sounds to me as though you’re past the writing phase of the project, it might work better to migrate to another program more inclined toward book design, where you don’t need specific features designed to do things for you, and can work with a pure canvas.

As to that, you might be able to do something in Preview if you don’t have anything else.

I’m a little puzzled as to why this is a feature when creating other versions, but not as a PDF?

But thank you for your solution, I’ll definitely check this out!

Mobi books have a cover feature, kind of like a form of meta-data like the title of the book or author. PDFs on the other hand don’t really have a dedicate “cover image” feature. One makes a cover page by creating a page that is an image from edge to edge—that’s all it is really, an unusual page. If you have an image that is the right size and use that technique, it should come out just like you’d expect it to look. I got a pretty good result out of it.

I think it would be smart to have the same cover image feature with PDFs, which just adds an image to the first page - edge to edge - like you say, as I couldn’t seem to do it myself because of margins. Tell me, where you able to add an image edge to edge in Scrivener - without having to add it later via preview? That would be very helpful…