adding customized character maps Windows version

Hey, I would really like to be able to add emojis to the character map so that I could insert them into my text on occasion. Thanks

You’re referring to the character map tool that comes with Windows (we just have a shortcut to it). You’ll need to ask Microsoft to add this thing.

Actually I’d like to add custom emoji sets in the same way I can add custom icons.

You should be able to save an emoji as an image and then import that as an icon. I can’t advise on how best to do so as I’m not terribly familiar with the best tools on Windows, but in general you would just type in an emoji character into a suitable drawing program and save it as a 16x16 pixel PNG with a transparent background.

We’re looking into making that easier for the future, like we have for iOS recently, but I can’t even say if it is easily possible with the programming environment we use.

Since this thread is active again, I’ll take the opportunity to re-request that the Windows version build in the Alt+X shortcut for Unicode characters (which would include emoji). (I didn’t get a reply the first time [url]].)
Every MS Office application does this and so do a bunch of third-party apps, including LibreOffice. This is not the same as modifying the registry for the hold-everything-down-at-the-same-time option. Plus I don’t want it systemwide and I don’t want to change the registry.

The reason I’d like to be able to save it as a character map, is I’d like it to intersperse emojis with text and scale it like a font.

I’m confused, custom icons are not something you would put in the text—they can be applied to binder items via the Documents menu. Maybe you just meant that as an example: i.e. that one could drag icons into the character map?

As to that, I can only repeat what I said earlier: that is a tool built by Microsoft, we couldn’t change it even if we wanted to.

Perhaps there’s a way we could add an import font option? Then we could create our own character sets containing emojis or customs symbols for things like fictional languages or glyphs.

Scrivener uses the main system fonts, so if you install fonts normally they should show up in the software (though you may need to restart it).

It’s easy enough to intersperse and scale emoji with ordinary text. Just make a new Scrivener document, then browse to and copy a selection of emoji into it. They’ll render in glorious monochrome via Windows’ Segoe UI Emoji typeface.

For a custom subset, just copy out your favorites into a tab in a floating Project Notes window. In the same tab, you can make a Scrivener Link to the document with the full set by holding down Alt as you drag its binder entry into Project Notes. Then you’ll have two sources from which to copy and paste.

If you prefer a color view, you can save the home page to a local html file, and make a link to it in Project Notes for easy access.

Cheers – Jerome