Adding Dates/Times/Places/Actors (on-stage/off-stage)/Internal Values changes

Hello Everyone!

I’m an amateur writer and I’m trying to adhere to mr. Coyne Story Grid technique of writing. So, Srivener seems the tool that can help to organize and write “book” project. And it seems that I like it more (than just writing in Word with many papers around my desk). Scrivener helps to ogranize everything exept some thing. May be you can share your experience of how you work with the following things?

Organizing dates and times when an event is happening
It is good to have visible date and time (if required) when a scene (my minium text separation element is a scene, beats are inside the text) happens at the corkboard where I can overview the entrie sequence (or chapter). For example, I have a folder with ten cards. I’d like to overview all of them at once and see that I don’t have some wrong time or date intersections.

Ogranizing of Places
Places can be mentioned as references or as keyword, or as custom-metadata. Also it is possible to use folders to collect all cards happen at one place. But this is not very flexible. How do you cope with overview of all your elements with glued places to it?

Sometimes is good to see who exactly does actions in a section of text. On-stage and off-satge (by reference by active actors). That also can help to avoid problems when an actor appears at the same time at two very distanced places.

Internal/external values changes
Accroding to Story Grid it is very important to programm and control values changes for the most of elements of your text. But currently I don’t see any proper way how to stick this infomration to the pieces of my text in Srivener. The maximum thing I’ve done - add some custom metadata to all the pieces of my text in Scrivener. But this is not convinient and it is very difficult to control the changes.

Any answers and suggestions can be helpfull.

I hope more people respond.

First, don’t get overwhelmed with all the details of Story Grid. I stick to the five key elements for the first draft. I place these elements in the Synopsis box. I have seen very advanced methods using Scrivener, but I like to keep it simple.

I support this request. I would love to have a value to add dates/time or elapsed time in terms of days, hours, months, etc…

Same with locations and “actors”/characters.

I currently us custom metadata but it would be good to have project level values that can be created and then available for use at the chapter and scene levels