Adding document counts to folder type -- In Corkboard view!

Hello Everyone,

Upgraded to v3. Using latest 3.0.3

Here’s a question (actually 2):

  1. In the screenshot below, you can see that my first item in the binder titled “beginning image” is a folder and others items in the binder are documents. Additionally, my first item which is a folder, has 2 sub-documents inside it. Everything is as it should be displayed in the binder. On the right hand side, the cork board is displayed. Now, the cork board displays CORRECTLY that the first item is a folder (check icon in the index card).

What I want to know is, in my index card, apart from the folder icon, can I also see the NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS underneath it? Maybe as a number on the right hand top corner of the index card? In this case, the first index card in the cork board view, ‘beginning image’ should show a folder icon and the number ‘2’ as this has 2 sub-documents underneath in the the hierarchy. Is this possible? If so, can a kind soul please guide me?

  1. Second, not that important as I’ll eventually find it out, but right now, for the life of me, I cannot find the option that used to be in v2. Namely, show folder counts in the binder. There’s an option to BOLD the folder types, but no option that says ‘display folder counts’. Anyone knows how to get those? Any push in the right direction will be appreciated (I know its there and staring at me in the face somewhere… but I cannot find it)



Can’t think of anything of the top of my head for the first question, but the answer to the second is View > Outline > Show Subdocument counts in Binder.


Thanks for the second one.

As for the first, I am sure it’s a feature that’s not yet been built in.

Let’s hope KB sees this post and decides to think about it. (Keith, if you’re reading this, waves)