Adding images to a project

I thought it was possible to add images (jpg) to a project. I am only able to add them to the media folder but unable to add them in the body of my project. (a photo cover, for example) Is this indeed possible? And if so can someone kindly help me with how to do this? Thanks very much!

You have to go to

Edit ->Insert ->Image from file (or Image linked to file)

When I go there the “Image from file” or “Image linked to file” are greyed out and unselectable.

Try inserting the image into a page in a document. There doesn’t have to be anything else on the page. Indeed, you can have a document that is a single page with just the image, if that is what you need.


Make sure the cursor is in the text when you select one of these. Alternatively, drag the image directly into the text. Basically, you add images to the text in a project exactly the same as you would do in any word processor - by inserting the image directly into the text document. When you drag an image into the binder, that is creating an image document for reference, which is different to inserting the image into the text.

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Thanks Kevin,

I realized that my project was in a folder called “Draft” so I pulled it out and put it alone in the left-hand hierarchy so I can add the jpg to the binder as you said but I’d like to add the photo (which is a cover) to my document but when I go to compile the image (page) is left out of the whole…still stymied… :confused:

What Martin said above is best, I’ll repost:

You don’t want to drag your book out of the Draft folder. The whole purpose of the Draft folder is to hold your book (or whatever the output will be… script, short story, etc.). Compile uses the Draft folder to determine its contents, so if you empty that out you won’t be able to compile.

As noted above, the picture needs to be inside a text document, just like in a normal word processor.

Hello, thanks very much. In my review of the replies I completely missed Martin’s reply - thanks for re-quoting and thanks to Martin as well. I was able to create a blank page and drag the image file to occupy the page. I also dragged the project back to the Drafts folder. Moving forward! Thank you all for your help and assistance!