Adding images to headers

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I work with scrivener from the first versions and now that I am using it to write business documents I wonder if I can insert an image as a logo in headers to be printed on everypage when compiling…

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Let’s write

There is a placeholder for inserting an image.
It works for section layouts’ prefixes, it might for page header. (I never tried.)

You could, of course, just insert a table with the logo and address in a document and place it in the Templates folder.
Create a folder “Business letters” and set Document > Default Template for subdocuments to your Template.

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Thanks for your kind reply.

It works but what I really want is that logo to appear on every page.
With your solution I get it only in the first one and what I need is that header to be repeated on each page of the document.

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Thanks for your kind reply… I never tried something like that either… I’ll let you know if it works

thanks again

Try under page settings for main body in compile format designer see picture and let us know, Very Interested.

Unfortunately, image placeholders can’t be used in headers …

(An old post but a still-current narrative.)

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Yes, I’ve been diving in the forum and saw that message… it’s a pity

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Me sorry to hear will keep in mind, only other way would be to use page view and insert link at top of each page. Only problem would not work for ebook due to variable page size but might work in pdf form??? (a thought never tried)

additional thought would have to leave enough space for image to fit, if short work, just add image to each page as go.

Adding an image to every page (reliably) isn’t possible unless each page is a section. Right?

Now knowing that the placeholder can’t be used in headers at compile, definitely something that would be best handled post compile in a more standard text editing app. One wysiwyg with pages and overall headers.

Technically, since Scrivener ain’t wysiwyg at all, you shouldn’t even have to bother with inserting space at the top of your pages at compile. It is not like the page alignment should matter – unless, of course, you have references to page numbers. In which case that could be quite problematic.