Adding images

I am using Scrivener as a trading journal.

At end of each day, i want to add an image of a trading sessions to each day’s entry. I am using a new document/page for each day.

Strangely enough, i can add images to documents in my Trading strategy folders, but in journal folder, it is not possible.

I am not talking about inserting images into actual document, that does not work due to a lack of vertical scrolling capacity. Instead i take an image file and drop it on a document and image is added like a subdocument.

It works in research folder, so I drop a file there, then i drag it onto a document in Strategy folder and the documents displays a blue frame around it and I can drop it, when i drag onto a day entry document in the next folder, document does not change and I cannot drop it.

I am attaching a screen of what I mean.



Your “Journal” folder is the “Draft” folder, renamed. As explained in the tutorial and documentation, the Draft folder is for text only, as that is a special folder - its sole purpose is for use with File > Compile…, which compiles the contents into a single document. You can place images inside the text in that folder, of course, but you cannot place image documents or other media in the folder. If you don’t need to compile your journal folder, then you should just create a different folder for your journal and move your files into that.

All the best,

Hi Keith,

thanks a lot, I knew it would be a folder type thing, just thought I needed to go somewhere and change the folder type, making a new folder was too easy to occur to me.

Even though I am not using Scrivener exactly for what was made, it is a great software and this is based on trying quite a few products before, including OneNote via Parallels.


Hi Jirka,

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad it’s proving helpful.

All the best,