Adding Legacy Names to Name Generator

I’ve been having so much trouble with the Name Generator Tool with this new build. Yes, you can go add from a legacy list of names, but most of them won’t load. I can’t find any information on if there a number to the lists added or how to delete them to add something new. I have been able to add most male forenames and surnames, but most female lists aren’t being added, no matter what I do.

Then I keep getting a notice that the forenames are not available for some languages even though it’s loaded and the forename box is checked. I don’t do anything strange with the generator. It’s more of a help for me to come up with random names for side characters. It’s been maddening.

There’s also a radio button at the top of the window determining your choice for Male, Female or Either gender. Looks like you want to set this on Either.

I am aware. What I am saying is that when I make my choices when they show up, and hit Generate, I get an error message saying that whatever gender I’ve selected is not loaded, even though… I loaded and selected it.

Usually, it’s not a huge deal. Google is a thing, evidently. However, when I’m looking for a quick name this is the tool I have used since I first bought Scrivener. I actually love it a lot, but I can’t get some name files to load, like female Korean forenames. If I can’t load the name file, I will get the error message. I’m not new at this, and this app is wonderfully intuitive.