Adding "lines" to the notes area?

Hey folks, posted the long-form of the question here ( … e_biggest/), but I kept searching and realized this place might be a better area for it, so I made an account.

The question is simply: how do I add “lines” to the notes area in Windows? The default seems to be lineless.


Interesting. I can see an indirect option to add lines to the Inspector’s Synopsis (File > Options > Appearance > Index Cards > Show text lines).

But I don’t see any way in Windows Scrivener v3 to add lines to the Notes. Hopefully someone wiser than me will show up with a solution. :blush:

Where did you pull that Reddit screenshot from? I’m wondering if it is of the Mac version of Scrivener.


Yes, that’s probably a screenshot from the Mac version. I don’t know why it hasn’t been implemented in Windows 3 (Was it there in Windows 1.9?) but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that the necessary code is provided by the Apple development environment and not by Qt.


Thanks, Mark.

No, I don’t see a setting in v1.9 either.


Yeah, I’m pulling it from a Mac version. Is this something that is simply not available in Windows? :confused:

Yes, so far it seems that way. :frowning: