Adding more than one Dropbox folder to Scrivener for iPad

Syncing my two personal computers and my personal iPad has been a dream come true. But now that I can truly take Scrivener on the go, I find my self wanting more. So this is the thing: I’m collaborating extensively with other person on a few writing projects. We’re cowriting them. So we would like to be able to work on the same Scrivener project from my main computer, my iPad, his main computer, and his iPad. Especially on his iPad, since he has an iPad Pro and it has completely substituted his laptop for almost every single task.

So I would like to ask if there is a way to add more than one Dropbox folder to Scrivener for iPad. That’s the best way that I believe we can both access all our shared projects without giving each other access to our individual projects by sharing the same Dropbox folder in both iPads; which I, by the way, don’t know if would be a problem for the iPad app, since a single folder would be accessed from several mobile devices, but owned by different people.

I hope I was able to explain what we want to do. I haven’t been able to do it at the moment; so I guess it’s not possible yet. But, if you believe it is possible in the future, you may add it to the wish list.

Thank you for this remarkable piece of software. Best regards.

It has to be one folder, but it can have subfolders. So you could have a subfolder in your Scrivener-projects folder, which you share with your co-writer. But he would then have to points his iOS Scrivener to only that Dropbox folder, within your Dropbox account.

I don’t think it is possible to have one Dropbox folder that exists within two different Dropbox accounts.

You could switch account within Scrivener, but that would result in iOS Scrivener having to download all projects anew, every time you switch, and that could take a while, depending on number and size of projects.

Would it work if both writers shared a folder that they store as a subfolder to their own Scrivener projects?

Or is it impossible for the second writer–the one being given access to the first writer’s shared folder–to stipulate where that shared folder is stored in their Dropbox account?

If the second writer can position the shared folder as they want, presumably each writer will see their own private projects and the shared projects, but won’t see the private projects that belong to the other writer.

I opened my Dropbox app on the iPad and ither actually is a command ‘Move’ so it appears that the folder can be moved to another location within your Dropbox top folder. If so, then you have the solution for co-writing stuff.

I don’t know if I got it: I would have to share a subfolder from my Dropbox Scrivener folder. Then the other co-writer would have to open this folder and move it, from within Scrivener, to his own Scrivener folder. A couple of years ago, I moved all my shared folders into a new location within my Dropbox account and it was a disaster. The other collaborators lost access to these folders. Those folders weren’t shared anymore. So, I’m not sure if it would work. I’ll have to try. I’ll let you know if it worked. Thank you for suggesting this!

That would be “from within Dropbox”. I vaguely remember Dropbox announcing something that makes me think this may be fixed now…

No, within Finder on the Mac or the Dropbox app on the iDevice.

To give an example:

I have this folder…
populated with scrivener projects I want access to on my phone.

If I wanted to share a projects with another person (initials JR), I’d create a subfolder…
… and move the project I wanted to share to that folder.

Then I’d share the “Collab_RG-JR” folder using Dropbox’s share feature.

On JR’s side, she’d accept the share. Then she’d probably have to move it to her Dropbox/apps/Scrivener (or equivalent) folder to use it with her iDevice + Scrivener setup*.

[size=85]* She wouldn’t have to move it if she only uses a Mac or Windows version of Scrivener. Also, moving or renaming the folder within her Dropbox folder will not affect its placement on your computer. ( [/size]

I think it might work thusly:

  • You create the project folder to be shared.

  • From within Dropbox, set the folder to be shared and/or send a link to the folder to your collaborator.

  • She clicks the link and, in response to the “Copy to your Dropbox?” message, selects the destination within her Dropbox account.

  • In Scrivener, she sets the location of the project folder to correspond to the folder in her Dropbox account.

Just to chime in: I would personally find this feature very useful, too, so that I could have one Dropbox folder for testing projects users send me, and another for my own writing projects. So I have added this to my list of features to add. It shouldn’t be too difficult, but will take some rewriting. Also, Dropbox are providing an updated API in the next month or so, which I will need to move over to. So I’ll most likely wait for the new API before adding this, so that I don’t have to rewrite the code twice.

All the best,