Adding one scrivener project to another

Hey guys,

if I add a Scrivener Project to my current Scrivener Project, do any changes I make to the imported Scrivener Project get saved to the imported Scrivener Project?


Assuming you are referring to the File ▸ Import ▸ Scrivener Project... menu command, it is less that you are importing the project, and more that you are importing the contents of its binder into the target project. So the result is the same as though you had made all of those items from scratch.

Any chance we could get the functionality of importing a project using the method you mentioned above, that making changes to that imported project, that them changes are reflected in the original project also. I’d like more control over seperating my research into its own project and reusing that project in several projects.

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If I understand what you are trying to do, the preferred way to closely tie together multiple projects, and integrate working between them more seamlessly, is through the use of links between binder items. What you are describing otherwise is one of those things that… well you’d have to start all over from scratch to get there, in terms of programming. That’s the kind of thing you have to design for from day one, and have a really good reason to, when the alternative is as simple and safe to code for as having two project windows open.

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There is nothing wrong with having several projects open at the same time. You can create a master research project and have all changes and additions there. Why should these informations also be available in every other project? This results in different versions that make it difficult to maintain an overview.

And another disadvantage: Although Scrivener handles large projects well, searching remains a problem. The smaller a project, the better the search works in it.


I think that’s an unfairly loaded comment.
What constitutes large?
I’ve never not found search criteria and in multiple places in Scrivener and within an instant.
I finds things faster than you can pull down a blind or release it and let it close by it’s own volition.

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I don’t know how good you are at handling blinds :slightly_smiling_face: I also don’t know what I said that was “unfair”. It’s just a fact. I use Scrivener every day and have no intention of speaking badly of this app.

Scrivener has no problem with large projects. Everything I have tested works flawlessly. This is true even when several large projects are open at the same time. Navigating, switching back and forth between different documents in the binder, writing and much more.

Rebuilding the search index and opening large projects takes a little longer. But these are not “problems”.

Searching in a large project is a different matter. What is “large” and how long you are willing to wait for the search results is a matter of opinion (If typing in the search box still works). But this statement is certainly correct: “The smaller a project, the better the search works in it”.

Edit: recently a user here said that he has a project that is 80 GB in size. He confirmed that everything works fine. But of course he never searches the whole project.

While we are very happy that users report successfully using Scrivener with projects in the tens of GB, we do not claim to be a general purpose research database. If you have so much research material that it is affecting project performance, you might be happier with a dedicated database tool.

On the Mac side, DevonThink and Scrivener complement each other very well.


As for me, no, I’m happier with Scrivener. Otherwise I would have switched to DT :slightly_smiling_face: And no, it doesn’t affect “project performance” in general, just the search. There are decent solutions for that.