Adding OpenOffice/LibreOffice Documents

Helping an acquaintance with Scrivener for iOS/iPadOS.

They have been using a SteamDeck with OpenOffice/LibreOffice to write their documents and now want to transfer those to Scrivener on their new iPad Air.

How should I advise them to do that? The one vital piece of information is they have ME/CFS and cognitive function is very much fogged which means instructions have to be in simple language.

They are extremely frustrated by their experience since opening the box an hour ago — it exacerbates their brain fog — and the task of getting their material off of the Stream Deck to the iPad is not doing their general mental health much good!

As there was no good way to get an OpenOffice document conversion tool on iOS, the best thing to do would be to use LibreOffice to File ▸ Save As..., and select the Rich Text (RTF) format for saving. You could also use DOCX format instead, there probably isn’t a significant difference between the two, so if something doesn’t look right, it could be worth trying the other.

Collabora Office — it is free and is a recompile of the latest stable version of LibreOffice. I have it installed on my iPad just for these situations…

You will have to still export it to docx, rtf or txt, but you will be able to do it on the iPad itself. Additionally, you can set LibreOffice’s defaults to save in the file format of your choice.

Long live the lovable penguin! :slight_smile:

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