Adding page breaks around certain files when compiling (on iOS)

Hello! I would like to know how I can add page breaks around certain files (which are between chapter folders).

My current structure is like this: I have level 1 folders that contain level 2 folders and files. These level 2 folders are my chapters. Between each chapter I want to insert a journal entry. This journal entry needs to start on a new page and the chapter after this should also start on a new page.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this using a custom appearance on compile. I’ve used the “Document Breaks: - Page Break Before Folders” option. This correctly makes sure each chapter starts on a new page. But since there does not seem to be a “Page Break Before Folders” option, the journal entry directly follows the end of a chapter instead of starting on a new page.
Changing the journal entry to a folder does not help either, because this causes Scrivener to think it’s a chapter and includes the folder title (and I don’t want that).

Any idea how I can get it to compile my journal entry files on separate pages?

For whichever Appearance you’re compiling to, try adding [code]

  • Page Break Before Text Files

To use the Appearance Editor you have to duplicate one of the stock Appearances or create a new one. The ones that come with Scrivener cannot be directly edited.

There’s an overview in the Tutorial > Exporting and Printing > subheading- Appearances.

You can get the help file for the available options for Appearance editing by tapping the circled question mark in the header of the Appearance Editor. For Document Breaks:


While adding a page break before text files technically solves this problem, it also creates a new one, because now all text files start on a new page. Inside the chapter folders I have multiple text files for all the scenes. These scenes shouldn’t start on a new page. I only want a page break between a folder and a text file.

Another thing I tried that didn’t work was putting the text file inside a folder of its own and putting that at the end inside the preceding folder. This should have given me the result I’m looking for, but for some reason this level 3 folder does not start on a new page (unlike the level 2 folders).

Something new to try (doesn’t take long at all) but first, full disclosure––I know a little about macOS compile; I know very little about iOS compile. I’ve only occasionally practiced with it. Your situation prompted my interest to find a solution. If you don’t know, Literature and Latte goes on holiday starting Friday the 18th of December. If solving this is time sensitive, you might want to ignore (or try it after contacting L&L) my babble and contact support pronto.

Holiday info:

Contact Page:

To the issue…

Here’s what I propose for your structure levels, if I’m correctly understanding your needs:
*Level One
***Journal Entry
****Blank Document

For this scenario, I made “Journal Entry” a text container and “Blank Document” its child. You do this by after creating “Blank Document”, select it, swipe it left, tap Move, select “Journal Entry”. “Journal Entry” is now a text container.

In the previous post, I’d suggested to enter “- Page Break Before Text Files” which proved unsatisfactory. Remove it using the Appearance Editor; replace it with “- Page Break Before Text Containers”. Test.

Afterwards, you might have to adjust Padding to meet your needs.