Adding Page Number Scrivener 3.0.2

I am trying to add page numbers to my manuscript. I saw on another thread to go to page setting (Compile settings > All Options > Page Settings > First Pages). When I go to compile I can’t find the page setting option. I am using scrivener 3.0.2. Any tips? Surely adding page numbers should be quite straight forward.

The advice you encountered is for the older version of Scrivener. Compile options that pertain to the overall look of the document are now driven by “Formats”, the list of options you see in the left sidebar of the compile overview screen. To edit a format, right-click on it and choose to edit, duplicating as necessary. Once you’re in the format designer, you should find much of the older advice for various panes will remain useful—this is kind of where “all options” went.

The contents of this pane has changed a bit as well, though the fundamentals are much the same. You’ll find documentation on setting up headers and footers in §24.20.7, “Header and Footer Text”. If you don’t see a “First Pages” section in that second tab, review the relevant options that would cause it to appear in §24.20.5.