Adding PDF Documents to Folders

Hi All,
I am using Scrivener for writing my dissertation in political science, which involves managing and regularly drawing upon a large amount of journal articles in pdf format. I do this by collecting the pdfs in folders I create within the folders that contain my individual chapters. However, it does not seem possible to add pdf documents to the folders at this level. I am forced to move the folder containing my pdfs to the “first” level (that of the original research folder, and the overall draft folder), add the pdf, and then move the folder back to the chapter level. Is there a way to add pdfs to folders at other levels than the first? Otherwise, is it possible to add this feature?


You should definitely be able to do this already, so if you are being prevented from doing so then there may be a bug present. You can’t place PDF files anywhere inside the Draft folder (which is text only), but you should be able to place them anywhere else in the project. Could you please let us know where you are trying to place the PDF files, and whether you are dragging or using another method?



In fact, I was trying to place the pdf files in a folder within the draft folder. I have the overall draft folder, within which I have individual folders for my chapters, which in turn have documents for individual sections within the chapters plus a folder in which I keep the pdf files that are relevant to the respective chapter. This is a lot more convenient than having one single research folder outside the draft structure which contains all research relevant to the whole project. The way I proceed now is that I drag the folder within which I want to place a pdf file outside of the draft structure, place the pdf file in the folder, and then drag the folder back into its chapter folder within the draft structure. It would be great if it were somehow possible to directly place pdf documents in folders that are contained in the draft structure.


Mmm, this is a bug, actually–non-text documents like PDFs aren’t supposed to be allowed in the Draft at all, as compile is based off of having only text items in the Draft, etc. What you could try instead to keep your research and draft items organized is the document references in the inspector–here you can create links to your relevant PDFs for each of your draft items. Open the draft document in the editor and click the second icon (like a stack of books) in the inspector footer to switch to the references–it should then say “document references” in that lower section of the inspector. Then just drag the PDFs from the binder to that area of the inspector to create links to them. When you’re working, you can double-click the reference item’s icon to open that PDF in the split editor without needing to navigate at all in the binder.

Thanks for the reply, this does work as you described it. However, the pdf files can then only be referenced to one document, so that they are no longer shown in the inspector once that document is no longer open. It does not seem possible to reference pdfs to entire chapters, so that they can be accessed easily when any document from the chapter is open. It works much better for me the way I described, except that I can’t directly add pdfs. And compiling seems to work fine with pdfs included in the draft - I can uncheck them in the compile dialog. Would it not be possible to add this feature, or rather enhance it by allowing for directly adding pdfs to the draft?

Thanks for your help!