Adding Subdocuments to Documents

Is this possible? I have 17 documents in a folder. The folder is Interview Questions and the documents are each individual question . I would like a subdocument for each interviewee within the document for each question. Not sure if this makes sense. Just can’t figure out how to create subdocuments.

Sorry…shouldn’t have asked this question here. Don’t know how to delete it.

I’ve moved it for you, no worries!

My favourite way to branch off of the current document is to hit one of the shortcut keys to switch the view mode to a group view. For example, I can be typing in a document right here and hit ⌘3, which switches to Outliner view (use ⌘2 for Corkboard, if that is your preference). Either way, it will be empty at first, but all you have to do is press the Return key to create a new entry, and off you go!

When you’re done, press the same shortcut again to turn the group view off and the cursor will be in the editor, right where you left it. You can also seamlessly switch to using Scrivenings mode in this fashion (⌘1). Meaning you can switch between viewing the whole section as a contiguous series of questions and answers, or view them as a list of cards, or just the master text document that contains them all. That probably makes more sense once you try it out a bit. It’s quite nice in that if you select a card and then switch to scrivenings, you will end up typing in the card you selected, so you can even use these group views as a kind of ToC.

I hardly ever use folders on account of how fluid it is to work without them!

The other way of doing this is to create the items separately in the folder, and then select and drag and drop them on top of any file to nest them (or use the ⌃⌘→ shortcut).

Thank you, especially for the shortcuts!