Adding website to research spits out error?

Firstly, hello there! I’m new to Scrivener and really enjoying the program, it’s been loads of fun just learning about all it can do in the tutorial.

Ran into a bit of a snag though and unsure how to proceed.

I was attempting to add the following website to research:

I did this by right clicking on Research, then Add, then click on Add webpage… (or Ctr + Shift + W), but when I tell it to create the pdf (tried webkit and internet explorer), it gives what you see in the Error 1 image below:

Error 1.JPG

After a few moments, a second error box appears (it does this in both forms as well) as seen in Error 2 image below:

Error 2.JPG

Pressing Wait just makes it go away and nothing. And pressing Import just closes the window.

I feel there must be something simple I’m overlooking? I did attempt googling for a bit before posting here, so if I glanced over the answer to an issue like this already I apologize. And if there is any additional info needed let me know, will be happy to provide what I can to find a solution.

EDIT: I noticed only just now that ctr+c wasn’t copying the special characters correctly from the website link itself. I deleted them and formed the correct characters (making sure the K was still capitilzed), but the same thing occurred.

EDIT 2: I made the title more appropriate.

I’m doing this as a reply because I did find a workaround.

I opened the page in chrome and printed it to a pdf, I was then able to add it as a file to research and that seemed to work. If that’s how I need to do it then that’s fine…but I kind of would like to use the built in feature if I can.

Hi, Solicia, and welcome to Scrivener and to the forums! You’ve encountered both one of the biggest shortcomings (the biggest, IMHO) in the current Windows version, and the most common solution to it. Importing Web pages has not worked properly for a couple of years. I think this is due to advances in Web page formatting that Scrivener’s underlying program code could not address. The new version (which is currently in advanced beta testing, and will be version 3) should have this fixed. Until it’s released (that date is not officially made known), the PDF method is about all there is.

Appreciate the response! Odd my googling couldn’t turn up anything about this, but I’m sure it’s an issue somewhere between the chair and keyboard more than anything.

The work around isn’t completely out of the way, I just have a few more clicks and I get to grumble about it before returning to work.

Thank you for the quick response! And thanks for the information!

EDIT: Got a response on stackoverflow (I like to do the shotgun forum approach to validate answers and pull information from as many sources I can), turns out on the beta, while the full website still doesn’t seem to work ( , first answer and comments on it for proof), if you make a tinyurl on the current beta it does, not a complete fix but at least I know if it comes out even in that state it will work. Honestly the more I think on it the more my brain just says “Eh…saving to a file doesn’t really seem that bad for now”. But it makes me really happy to see that progress is being made! Thanks again for all the help!

Glad it was helpful!