Additional Binder / Collection view

I use many collections. They are great. But I could imagine that an additional option would make them even better. :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe I’ll explain what I mean best using the Scrivener tutorial and an image montage as an example. (Sorry, doesn’t look very good :face_with_diagonal_mouth:)

This is what the binder looks like when the collections are shown.

And this is what it looks like when you click on the collection “What’s New in Scrivener 3”.

I would like to see an option that allows this view as well. Maybe others will find this useful too.

To accomplish something like this in the current version of Scrivener, show either the collection or the main Binder in an Outline view.

Suppose I have this layout. The collection is displayed in the (locked) Outline view. From this, “Bookmarks” is shown in the editor to the right. How can I show documents from the binder in the same editor?

By default, selecting a document in the Binder will open it in whichever Editor pane has the current focus.

You can override that behavior by right-clicking on the document in the Binder and choosing an option from the Open sub-menu. Or you can set a different default with the Navigate → Binder Selection Affects menu.

Ah, yes, that works… not exactly the same, because it needs an editor more, so more space on the screen and if you close the outline view, it can’t be easily restored with the same collection. … but thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

With my installation of Scrivener and this layout, clicking in the Binder or the (locked) outline puts the relevant doc text into the Other editor. Which I gather is what you want.

Besides locking the outline side of the spilt (and not the other), the only settings that would seem relevant to these behaviors are:

Navigate > Binder Selection Affects > Current.
Navigate > Outliner Selection Affects > Other Editor.

Thanks @gr . I don’t know yet exactly what I want. It depends on what I’m working on. I experiment. Scrivener is so versatile that new variations of organization are constantly coming to my mind.

Right now I am testing the “layout” below.

The left editor shows the Binder documents. In the right editor is a collection of recently edited docs, which are displayed in the copyholder at the bottom.

What I like is the life update of the collection. Whenever I change a document it is automatically put on top of the list. If I want to add a document hidden deep in the binder to the list without changing it, I just type a “space”. This way I can group documents that are anywhere.

If I want to remove a document from the list, I give it the label black, then it disappears.

If necessary I fade in the inspector. There I see for example my todo list in Notion in the bookmarks.

Actually this is quite close to my wish for good but simple order :slightly_smiling_face: