Additional Book Materials


So I have just about completed my first novel, needs a final read through, and I want some advice on additional material to include. It’s the first book of an alternative history trilogy and so far I have the following:

• The title page (obviously, I’m getting the artwork done for this)
• Copyright information
• A dedication
• Table of Contents
• A brief introduction (to me, why I wrote the book and stuff, 1 page max.)
• A quote relevant to the book (this is the page I plan to start the ebook at, I think you can do that)

• Acknowledgements
• List of abbreviations
• List of major characters
• Technical information (it is science fiction after all)
• An invite to my website

Most of it I have covered but I’d like some advice on order of items, anything I might have missed, anything you think is excessive and what kind of things to mention in my intro.

Thx for any advice.


I’d suggest you pull a few books from your shelf in the genre you’re writing and see what they have in there as there are slightly different conventions for different genres and sub-genres.

My personal suggestion from a genre neutral perspective would be:

  • Drop the introduction
  • Drop the quote unless it’s really relevant and adds something to the reader experience
  • Drop the list of abbreviations.
  • Drop the list of major characters
  • Drop the technical information
  • Move the invite to your website to the acknowledgements page (just a sentence, though), and have just the website address itself on the copyright page

But… like I said, check the genre specific norms, in particular for books that are roughly the same length as yours. What’s appropriate for a story that spans 10 books of 500 pages each will look odd in a self-contained 200 page book. I’d also make sure you’re not including things like character lists and abbreviations as an alternative to clear writing and well-defined and distinct characters.