addressed in writing but deserving of a preference

the problem im reffering to is spelled out along with how to sort of deal with it here:

But i think the rest of the mac Scrivener community deserves a lot more than just a simple reminder that its on US to make sure that we dont accidentally forget to close all our projects out of fullscreen before we quit the application, otherwise you can end up with a very frustrating set of events. Now, Scrivener is such an integral part of my life that im willing to deal with this nuisance as long as the developers refuse to properly address it, and as far as i can tell all their efforts have been focused on the iOS version of the program… but can we stop for just a second and consider the ramifications of ignoring this problem?

I would never bother trying to write anything other than single sentence ideas for later fleshing out on a iOS versiion of Scrivener, and to be fair this problem im referring tro has existed ever since 10.11.1 or later which affects a far greater number of people that have already dedicated themselves to paying and using Scrivener… Which means one of three things:

a.) somebody takes the time out to add a preference that forces Scrivener to exit from Fullscreen mode every time we exit the program, just like it makes backups of the project we’re working on if we tell it to (which might be difficult but certainly not impossible),
b.) we roll our systems back to before 10.11.1 (which is really stupid from a security standpoint) so that the problem doesnt yet exist and stay on 10.11.1 until its properly addressed
c.) or for the first time ever the Development team IGNORES a very easy thing to fix in the grand scheme of things that happens to be totally addressable somehow (which I find totally implausible because L&L Keith in particular has NEVER simply ignored a problem EVER in the close to ten years Ive been a user)

Now Im not a coder so I dont know how hard implementing the aforementioned preference would be - but this problem HAS to affect far more people already using the mac version than there are people waiting for a version of Scrivener that doesnt work yet. Maybe it does work, I dont know. All Im asking is that the FullScreen crash problem be patched so that we dont have to deal with it anymore. Because I cant speak for anyone else but afrer Ive been writing for several hours its very easy to forget to exit Fullscreen Mode before saving and closing my project, which happens automatically when I close the program. Its nothing more than a gargantuan inconvenience but its annoying enough that here I am respectfully requesting that L&L Scrivener development do something about this so I dont have to worry about it anymore. The entire reason I use this program isnt because of all the nifty things it can do, or the fact that the price is a fraction of what i would be willing to pay. Im a dedicated Scrivener user precisely because of the people behind it that take care of problems like this – id even pay an upgrade fee to ensure this problem is addressed. So please - take time out and add a preference that forces a project to exit full screen mode before it saves automatically and quits, please and thank you. If adding that preference is far harder than i could ever imagine, could you add a warning when mac users quit that they forgot to exit Full Screen mode with a button we have to push before it will let us quit? Thats probably easier and solves the problem in a far less elegant manner but ANYTHING is preferable to the problems ive faced when ive forgotten to exit full screen and accidentally close what im working on. The only answer Ive found is to open another project first after the first program crash, one that isnt in fullscreen mode, open the one that i want, exit full screen and then close the project i didnt want to work on in the first place. It happens on a regular basis now and my work around is viable – its just – i know that Keith would never just leave this unaddressed if asked nicely to look into it and fix it. And i was serious Id pay an extra fee to make this problem go away – so again – could you please fix this? Thanks.

and while im taking the time to ask for stuff can anyone give a rough estimate of when 3.0 is coming and a rough idea of what goodies we get for the cost of a major upgrade? Been waiting a long time - I cant wait to see what new greatness awaits just beyond the horizon!

With all the Respect and Thanks Imaginable,

I won’t weigh in on the specific issue, as I never use Apple’s full screen implementation. I like to see my menu bar, even if just to check the time. I did, however, get frustrated with continuously manually resizing windows, so downloaded the Spectacle app. It’s free and a wonderful little tool, that allows me to snap windows to fill all the available screen space (excepting the menu bar); or to snap windows to fill various different portions of the screen.

Just a suggestion. It gives you a near total full screen implementation, with none of the hassle.

Or you can hold down the Opt key as you click the left traffic-light, which expands the app to fill the screen as it did before the change to the new full-screen.

Mr X

It’s not the first time this issue has been discussed here, and I don’t see any reason to force the users to install new utilities or memorise any new work-arounds. As I’ve understood this is a fairly easy thing to fix, according to The Creator:

I’ve always been curious as to why people use Apple’s full screen implementation, instead of the window maximising short-cut outlined by Mr X. From what I can see, the screen real estate gained is equal only to the menu bar. Maybe this is a significant gain on 11" Macbook Airs or 12" Macbooks, but I’ve never used one so have no frame of reference. I like the screen fill option that Spectacle (or indeed Mr X’s suggestion) provides on my 13" screen.

Best of luck working around the issue until there’s a fix.