adjust the font size in a connector label in Scabble

Is it possible, that is, have I overlooked a way to adjust or set the size of the font in a connector label? I see that changing the default font for the Scapple board will change the font in the connector label, but changing the default font size does not appear to have an impact on the font size in the connector label.

If there is no ability to date (June 2018), may I respectfully ask that it be implemented?

Reason for my request:
Having up to 15 or 20 characters in a label is very helpful when building process or flow type of charts—not the formal kind, just the kind of ‘thinking out loud’, informal kind of thing that Scapple does so well—but long labels means the notes have to be some distance apart to keep the words from being truncated in the display. A solution would be to simply vary the size of the font in the label, smaller font, more words per running inch-line.

Many thanks for your time

H. Alexander Ivey

Almost two years later and no reply that I see…

I haven’t been able to change the font size for the connection label, but I have discovered typing ‘Opt Return’ at the desired point in the Connection Label input box will put in a hard line return at that point in the label text. That way, one can cram in more words per line. (It seems you can put in more than one hard return per connection label. Cool!).

For the 1,600 plus viewers of this posting, if you are looking for an app that: a. has connection labels between objects AND b. has the label text flow along the axis of the connection, please let me know. I’ve searched, but the diagramming / chart / schematic layout graphic tools don’t do the b. condition like simple, INEXPENSIVE, Scapple does. Which is why, more than two years later, I’m still: a. using Scapple, and b. kluging together a graphic object that allows me to connect two ‘notes’ with a connection line that joins at set points on the note. That is my principle irksome point with Scapple, it does not have anchor points on individual notes, so when the note is moved, the point where the connection is attached is also moved, and often lost behind other notes.

Still, all in all, h/t to L&L for such a simple, easy to master, yet very useful tool.

All the best.
Alex Ivey

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