administrative rights password needed for Scrivener

Hi, I am hoping someone can help me. I just went through a lengthy process to install Linux Unity on the chromebook, and then Scrivener. It is installed, but I’m trying to open Scrivener and it says, “You need to grant administrative rights to install software,” and is then asking for a password to type in. Does anyone know what the password is to type in here. I have a paid version of Scrivener on my regular laptop, and thought I could easily install Scrivener for Linux on the chromebook. Just need a password. Thanks in advance!

Scrivener requires no password; most likely, you need to enter the password for your Linux administrator privileges, which you’d have set up when you installed Linux.

Thanks for the reply Graybird. I finally got through without the password by opening it in a different folder. So far so good! Thanks again.