Adobe Story


Adobe Story: From Script to Screen

Welcome to the free preview of Adobe® Story™, a collaborative script development tool designed for creative professionals, producers, and writers working on or with scripts and screenplays. This preview version will let you try out a few of the scriptwriting tools that will be part of the overall features in the final version of Story.


Not bad. The import does a decent job, too. It didn’t quite recognise the elements properly in an RTF script, but then the script I tried did have some strange formatting in it. But Final Draft FDX import was solid, meaning that going from Scrivener to Story is fairly straightforward. Definitely interesting.

I tried it out, too, with an FDX file.
Import was flawless.
But I didn’t find editing very intuitive.
No obvious way to add a page break, between title and draft.
Then I got nervous about having a script on a remote server.
The script is copyrighted, but not sold.
So I erased all the files, I hope permanently.
Perhaps Adobe will provide better security features soon.


There seems to be a ‘Novel’ option in the ‘create new projects’ dialog. Interrressstinggg.

Dunno though, I still don’t trust these cloud apps. Just my luck to hit a deadline on the same day Adobe has an outage.


Does Adobe collect metadata from the content posted within Story? And if so, how do you use/intend to use this data?


My experience with internet based apps has always been bad. This is an individual case however as I suffer(I think) from low attention disorder. So If I open a browser, I’ll start visiting some useless websites, that’s why I want to stick to a desktop app like Scrivener to create something meaningful. On mac thankfully for people like me there is an app called freedom, which disables my internet for upto 8 hours. People who can still get stuff going, internet or not, might find the idea interesting. But in my open internet worsens the disorder and I’d like to steer clear as much as I can.