Advanced Search and Replace: emojis to text in a specific font

By ‘outline’ here you mean:

  1. that I can (I shall by splitting the Editor) have the entire (Compiled/Exported/font-changed/re-imported) document - as a Scrivening in one pane? And that I shall use its ‘outline’ to move individual Notes and Folders into their correct hierarchy in the Binder; and not
  2. that I shall be making any layout changes necessary to the appearance (outline, hierarchical arrangement) of an individual Scrivener Note

don’t you, Katherine?

I tried this (I also read this thread, which seemed to be relevant in helping me understand Sections etc) without any success:

  1. loaded a (backup) of my test file because it so closely resembles practically the main thing I want to do eventually with my music theory one… retain the outline structures of Folders and Notes section (82.9 KB)
  2. File > Compile: Format is Default; Compile for .rtfd
  3. Assign Section Layouts
  4. Do I have to make the necessary settings for each of my Levels in the Binder?
  5. tried double-clicking on various of the items in the right hand side pane
  6. didn’t get very far… re-importing by splitting on that string gave me nothing like the structure I thought I had compiled.

Surely there’s some way to tell Scrivener that I just want each entity (all five Folder levels any and all Notes anywhere in the hierarchy) separate so that I can import by splitting on, say, ‘!!!9999!!!’?