advice on two things: Font and Textilus

Hi. I have been using Scrivener for quite a while now to develop script and novel ideas.
I have just added an app, Textilus, on my iPad that is compatible with Scrivener but I can’t figure out how to get a Scrivener project to open in it. I save it to Dropbox but the Textilus app doesn’t open .scriv files. I can’t get my head around this and hope someone can give me some advice here.

The other thing that is driving me crazy is how to get a new project to open in the courier prime font. I am sure that I have messed things up by trying to fiddle it myself and now when I open a new project everything opens in Times font (don’t like it) and I have to manually change every new file to another font. What I would like to do is change the general over-all configuration to all projects (new and existing) to the courier prime font. In the help manual it says that this is the new default font but, in my case, it is not.

Can anyone help me out with these two things?


To open Scrivener files in other programs, you will need to make use of the Sync with External Folder feature. See Section 13.2 of the Scrivener (Mac) manual. You might want to search the forums for Textilus specifically, also, as I think I’ve seen some reports of various kinds of bad behavior on its part.

Setting your formatting preferences in the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Formatting pane is a good start. However, both existing projects and projects created from templates may have project-specific settings in the Project -> Text Preferences pane. Look there, too, if a project isn’t behaving as you think it should.

Finally, the Documents -> Convert -> Convert Formatting to Default Text Style command is useful to know. Once you do get the default set the way you like, this command is the quickest way to normalize the rest of the project.


Thanks Katherine
I will follow your guidelines and see if I can get this all under control. Maybe I can get this to let me spend my time writing instead of reconfiguring things.

Got the Textilus all worked out now. It is a little work-aroundish but with some help from the Textilus people got it figured out.

Thanks again.