Advice re reloading iPad after total reset

Recently suffered a meltdown of my iPad requiring a complete reboot from the Apple dealer here in Sydney. I am able to retrieve apps from the Apps Store but the purchased Scrivener app does not appear there. When I originally purchased it I also loaded a copy to the iPhone which is working just fine. I use the full program on the MacBook Air. The question then is can I still download the app to the iPad from somewhere or do I need to buy it again?


It should be showing up in the Purchases tab. Do note it is possible to hide programs from that list, perhaps that was accidentally done on the iPad in the past? I don’t know if hiding something is account or device specific, but I suspect it might be an account setting (like your billing info is), and thus would carry over to a new device. My guess is based on how the hidden application reset switch is in account settings in iTunes on the Mac. I don’t know where that may be on iOS.

Whatever the case you don’t need to buy it again. You might need to get in touch with Apple and figure out why you can’t see it on your device, though.

Back from the bush and all fixed. It was indeed the wrong sign-in email address as you suggested. Thanks.