Advices for Writers

Everyone needs some advices now and then. Chuck Wendig share his secrets and here’s one of them:

"24. You Must Join A Critique Group.

Stories are best when they are formed by committee. A critique group is an excellent way to ensure that your story is something everyone agrees on. Many bestselling novels have maximized mediocrity, turning it into a bonafide art form, and a critique group is a very good way to achieve that weaponized cromulence quickly. Bonus: a critique group, if given enough time, soon becomes a cult, and if you write really well, your story can become the cult’s holy book. And then one day you’ll be naked in the woods summoning LORD VURBILEX, THE RECONDITE SCION OF TURGID WORDSMITHY, HERETIC OF THE PROSELANDS, and he’s your god, now, so kill a goat and get to writing, you stupid vessel." … ot-ignore/

thanks for the share

Don’t Ever Look At The News. > one of the most uselful pieces of advice I have ever heard. However, a writer should be always aware of the situation in the world and the general mood of the society. It will help him/her find the best words to win the audience. Sometimes, I spend a day or two simply analyzing the writing style of other authors: Joe Hill’s stories burrow under my skin.

I do try to follow all trends in literature and publishing communities, but I have never tried to use any marketing gimmicks like a self-burning book or something.