Advise on bringing my hodge-podge of messy files into a consistent format

When I started with Scrivener, I started with a blank format. I wrote directly into new blank docs and pasted in other documents from Google docs and word docs and they are all formatted differently. It’s a mess - different fonts, margins, spacing. How can I now create a consistent look? I tried copying from existing Scrivener files into a new blank document formatted as I want (a default Scrivener template, in fact) and my original format is still there. I hope you can help.

Hi Robbiecat, and welcome to the forum.

Going forward, I recommend using Scrivener’s Edit > Paste and Match Style command when bringing material from another program. That will have the pasted material use the formatting you’ve set up as your global default.

I’d also suggest reviewing §15.7.5 of the Scrivener manual. You can access a PDF of the manual from Scrivener’s Help menu.

That section of the manual explains how to use the Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting... command to have the materials in your project using the same indents, fonts, line spacing, and other formatting.

That section has a link to Appendix B.3.2, and that appendix explains where in Scrivener’s global settings you can find the current default formatting and change it if needed.

On a Mac, the commands to those global settings are Scrivener > Preferences/Settings > Editing > Formatting.

On a PC, they’re at File > Options > Editing > Formatting.

And, not to complicate this too much, but Scrivener also offers a way to have project-specific formatting in Project > Project > Settings > Formatting. Appendix C.5 has more on those options.


Hi Ruth,

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive reply. I look forward to working through all those recommendations. Very grateful for the resources that you have offered. I will post a reply here to advise you of my success.

Thank you once again for your help.

Kindest regards, Robyn


Hello again, RuthS,

Thank you the

Documents > Convert > Text to Default Formatting.

Worked for me. I have a consistent format now .

Thank you.