Aeon Timeline 2 50% off pre-release.

Quite a few Scrivener users use Aeon Timeline to manage the chronological flow of their stories. It’s powerful, looks great, synchs with Scrivener, and is available for both Mac and Windows.

There is good news. A new version, Aeon Timeline 2, should be coming out in public beta in the next couple of weeks and is available for pre-order at 50% off here: … lackFriday

Note though that you only have until December 5 to get that price. After that, my considerable math skills tell me it will be $25 x 2 or $50.

Note too this from the webpage:

And if I read the webpage correctly, the official, non-beta release will come before Christmas. You might even make it your Christmas present to yourself or someone special.

At the moment, I’m not writing something that’d require timeline software, but I might use it to illustrate a digital version of my day-by-day Lord of the Rings chronology, Untangling Tolkien, should I decide to take that on.

Feel free to comment on how useful you find the existing version below.

–Mike Perry, Inkling Books.

Good news! Any idea of the minimum system requirements for the OSX Version2? Will it run on Mavericks or is it restricted to Yosemite and El Cap?

Checked the bottom of that linked page. There’s a forum to ask the developer questions.

Pre Order buttons don’t seem to work; nor does the Pre Order link.

And as far as the system requirements are concerned, this is what the developer says:

“Aeon Timeline 2 will at least support the most recent OS X versions from Mavericks onwards. I have not looked into backwards compatibility for Mountain Lion/Lion/Snow Leopard yet, but I will try to make it work as far back as possible for the technologies it is now built with. If you are thinking specifically of those big cat OS versions, you may want to hold off until I have been able to confirm those details.”

I had the same problem. Try going to … lackFriday. This worked for me; I was able to place the order.

Will be interested to see what has developed in Vers 2.x.

– gr

P.S. The pre-release screenshot sample on the home page is a bit confounding. Does Mrs. Earnshaw’s death last for hundreds of years?? Heathcliff’s running away event lasts for four years? And how is Catherine 15 years old at the time (1780) when she is a participant in an earlier event in 1711? Hmm.

Just ordered mine. Was about to buy the current version for fixing some of my broken chronology so this was nicely timed :slight_smile:

Mavericks will be fine for me. I’ll get my order in :smiley:

The pre-order button worked for me. I have got mine in. Even though I don’t really have a use for it now — that said, I’ve just thought of one!* — and being retired don’t have much money, I wanted to continue to support Matt in developing a great app.

Mr X

I’m going to wait until I’ve got v. 2 before I start on it. :slight_smile:

A question to those of you who have ordered:
Does “pre-order” mean that you actually pay for the new version before there is even a beta version available? Or is it just like a booking in advance and you pay when the official version 2 is ready?

Pay in advance, be part of beta testing when it is made available.


Mr X