Affinity suite (Photo, Designer, Publisher) six months for free

In case you’ve missed it. Seems to be fully functional and: “we’ve reset our systems so everyone can try Affinity again, regardless of whether you’ve previously taken a trial of any of our products.” Affinity Free Trial | Now Six Months, No Obligation


It’s a great series of apps and bonus, NO SUBSCRIPTION - take that, Adobe, Corel etc. The trial is very much fully functional.

I know, the apps do not have every feature of the Adobe equivalents, but they are capable of professional output and IMHO not as bloated as Adobe. Also, they seem to be more responsive to Apple OS changes that Adobe drag their heels on implementing compatibility.

I use the suite across Mac, iPad and Win.

One point, since being taken over by Canva, the usual headless chooks have run around wailing about subscription, but Canva have stated there will always be the OTP option.


I’m curious, because I just know the macOS versions, how’s the Windows integration? Does it feel “home” there, too?

It feels good, even on Win :slight_smile:

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I downloaded them; I’ll probably need all six months just to grasp the basics.

I’ve never really tried a desktop publisher (played with Scribus years ago but never tried to learn it, and managed some simple things with Apple Pages) and never touched any vector graphics software. But a few years ago I had to do stuff in GIMP for a nightmare job (graphic design was never in the job description, it was added later) and I was hopeless. Ended up refusing to do anything with GIMP. I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Of course, the job environment may have contributed. (Thankfully it was remote.)

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OK, imma goin’ in. After proofreading my latest book (only 25,000 +/-words) for 4 or 5 times in the past 3 days and not particular to looking at other projects, with fear and trepidation I’m wading into the tutorials for Affinity Publisher (the one I’m most likely to use and least likely to cause me to toss my laptop through a window.)