after bringing up minimized, inspector comes up

so if i minimize scapple, then click on it in the windows toolbar to bring it back up, it comes back up and brings with it the inspector… even if the inspector was not open previously.


Thanks, it looks like you will need to have opened the inspector and minimized with it open, at least once during the session, and once you have then this bug will appear:

  1. Create a test .scap file.
  2. Ctrl-Shift-I to open Inspector.
  3. Again to close it.
  4. Alt-Space,n to minimise.
  5. Click in task bar.

That will be fine, because the window was minimised with the Inspector closed.

  1. Ctrl-Shift-I to open Inspector.
  2. Alt-Space,n
  3. Click in task bar. The Inspector shows, but this is expected because we minimised with it open.
  4. Ctrl-Shift-I to hide Inspector.
  5. Alt-Space,n
  6. Click in task bar. Now the Inspector re-appears even though it had been closed before. At this point it will always pop back up after minimising the window.

I am experiencing this problem. I’m not sure whether this post explains a fix or workaround for it.

Once I open the Inspector, it reappears over Scapple and other Windows apps seemingly at random. This occurs whether or not I’ve minimized Scapple with the Inspector open.

Has this bug been fixed? Did I misunderstand the reply? Can I close the Inspector without restarting Scapple?

OS: Win10 Home v.1809, build 17763.316
Scapple ver., 10/8/13

It looks like the bug with the floating inspector was never fixed. At this point I wouldn’t expect it to, because when the programmers are done with 3.0 and have a chance to look at Scapple, one of thing they will be doing is removing the floating inspector option, in favour of the sidebar method. I would recommend switching that option on, as it seems to work more reliably and is more “compatible” with the Windows environment:

  1. Use the File ▸ Options… menu command.
  2. Tick the Embedded Inspector option.
  3. Restart the software.