After renaming project file project folder has no scrivx extension anymore?

I renamed a project by renaming the xxx.scrivx file. After double clicking that file Scrivener started like usual. The project folder was renamed to xxx. Not to xxx.scrivx how it used to be.

Is that correct? Or do I have to add “.scrivx” to the project folder?

what happens when you add the scrivx extension to the newly named project folder ?

You do not say Windows or Apple. regardless how will your file explorer app (Windows Explorer or Apple Finder) know what to do when you double click on a folder with no identifying extension?

Obviously “.scriv” should be the correct extension for the folder. Nothings changes then, Scrivener seems to work with and without that extension.

Sorry, thought under “Scrivener for Windows” we were only talking about Windows. It is Scrivener for Win.

Sorry, I am not quite sure to understand, folders do not have an extension generally here.

I haven’t seen what you describe happen before, but it’s worth noting that the recommended approach is aligned with the overall concept of not messing with anything inside of the folder itself, and considering it all to be managed: rename the folder, to rename the project, not the internal files.

We must make that one concession of double-clicking on the .scrivx because of how you need a file to load something from Explorer and the Windows shell in general, but that’s a rather passive event compared with renaming internal components.

So why does Scrivener not have a renaming option for the project, it would seem to be much more easier / intuitive, respectively useful at all?

rename the folder, to rename the project, not the internal files.
Only the folder? Nothing else? With or without the extension? Scrivener will rename that “.scrivx” file automatically?

Sorry I do not understand that? What does that mean?

I’m not really looking to get into a debate over whether using your file manager to manage files and folders is more or less intuitive than using individual software to do so. I’m not terribly familiar with the kinds of programs that would do the latter, I suppose.

I just meant to let you know how the design works so you can manage this most effectively in the future.

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I just renamed the “.scrivx” file in the project folder.

I am not quite sure: so closing Scrivener, renaming that project folder and keeping its extension (or not?), starting Scrivener, then it shows / uses the new project name (it still has the old scrvx file name), closing Scrivener, then it renames the scrvx file name to the same name the project folder has?

I found another project without the extension in the project folder name. Should I add that extension manually? Or else?

So in any case the project folder must have the identical name, including the extension (or not?), as the project file (.scrvx)?

I am wondering why there is no renaming option in Scrivener. Wouldn’t that make it much more easier, less error prone?

You can do that in Windows, but the .scrivx file reverts to the .scriv project folder name when you open it from File Explorer, so I don’t see how you got it right.

The correct way to rename a project in Windows is to rename the .scriv folder. On entering the folder afterwards, the .scrivx file still has the old name. But when double clicking it, the project opens with the new .scriv project folder’s name. On closing the project, you will note that the .scrivx file has since been renamed (or inherited) the .scriv project name.

When you refer to leaving out extensions when renaming, I wonder whether you have extensions hidden in as an option in File Explorer. I do because I know what most extensions are by heart and don’t like third party add-on software as a rule, so I never need to reference such. They’re there and used by the systems and applications, the extensions are just hidden for human convenience.