After update, 90% of my writing is just gone

So I just updated to the newest version, and when I opened my project everything looked fine. Along the side, all the icons showed the little paper with the lines on it (how it looks once you have written something within the text, not just on the notecard description). But then, as I clicked each notecard, the icon switched to the empty notecard pic, and then showed me an empty file with 0 words.
I’m just kind of horrified at the moment. The only thing left are a few of my spare character cards with background info.
Even when I go back to an old scrivener version, and back to a backup… just nothing.
I’m on Yosemite version 10.10.5.
Help pls :frowning:

I believe the updated version will have saved a backup of your project on opening it for the first time.

I did the update, trustingly, and now I cannot open anything. My project is gone and the backups will not open!

What is happening with this?!

Macbook, worked fine before this, and the problem is definitely with Scrivener since all else works fine.

You should contact the support email right away (see “support” under the Help menu to get to the web page with the email link); that will guarantee that you get the help you need as soon as Lit & Lat staff can get to you.

Rest assured; your writing isn’t lost; Scrivener is just having a bit of trouble linking up the files within the project for some reason; your words are all there or in a backup copy, I’m sure.

As rdale suggested, please send us a support email for something like this. It’s hard to work through detailed troubleshooting via the forum.

If you need to open a backup, you will want to download a copy of Scrivener 2.6, which you can do here: …
The backup won’t have been converted to 2.7’s format.

Based on the symptoms, there appears to be a disconnect between the Binder file and the actual document contents. The most common cause of such a disconnect is a synchronization error when using Dropbox or a similar service. So that would be the avenue I would explore. As I said, though, it’s hard to do detailed troubleshooting via the forum.