After update, New Text command copies a page from the trash

Scrivener - unless I empty the trash and close the program and restart, a Ctrl-N, or Menu selection of New Text copies in the first item in the trash.

This is AFTER I installed the the Visual C library fix in this post



POST UPDATE-- working with this a little more. The empty trash, close Srivener, and restart steps only work about half the time. The rest of the time I get a page that I know I deleted long ago but the current trash is empty.

Might be going back to yW for a while until this new update loses its glitches.

I am having the same problem; clearing the trash and re-starting is working as an adequate temporary workaround, and I’ve ‘stockpiled’ some empty text sections near the end of the project to be moved up in the meantime when I need them, but feels to me to be something that needs fixing quickly.

I’m not seeing this, on New scrivenings come up as always, blank, and with the title selected for entry. Windows 7 up-to-date, 32-bit.

I wonder if you’ve tried an uninstall and then clean install, rather than an update? That’s the way I’m working here, since I do an amount of program testing.

Good fortune on it.