AGAIN::::: How to update dictionary files?

Why is this so complicated ? Why no clear instructions in the knowledge base?

I used aspell to generate new hunspell files.

I put them in the C:\Program Files\Scrivener3\hunspell\dict\English-en-us folder.

I renamed the old files, and renamed the new files as instructed.

I start scriv: no joy error
Spell checking has been temporarily disabled because the assigned Scrivener spelling dictionaries are missing.
To correct this, open File > Options > Corrections > Spelling and re-download the spelling dictionaries for your preferred language.

I use options to attempt to connect to the files…::: None are available.

No files available in the SELECT folder.

Guidance please.

Should they make it easier to swap in dictionaries using the GUI? Yes.

But currently this is pretty much an unsupported operation, at the user’s risk, as are most operations with any app when you’re messing around in Program Files.

Your folder names look correct. It’s likely your file names, so I would double-check they’re spelled correctly. Here are the names of my custom dictionary files, which work fine for me on v3.1.4:

The other thing I would do is confirm that the file contents make sense–double-check the data is readable. Here’s a portion of my custom dic file as viewed in Notepad:


Whatever you use to make the dictionary file probably does not use Scrivener’s data format.