Ah ready for the Kraken

release that KRAKEN!

Updated the app on the Mac, got my files for the beast in there and yes, hunted and pecked for the footnotes. Grumble, should have remembered to export to Doc, and then saved to RTF, and then import to Scrivener. Now need to break those chapters into sections… but that is easy.

The notes should be easier. They do not have footnotes… oh wait, they do. Never mind. But yes, release the Kraken. Ready for the great unveiling.


Oh and here is a cup of coffee for those who need it

sawadacoffee.com/wp-content/uplo … 15-003.jpg

Nothing yet available this side… 8)

It’s like the night before Christmas!!

Am afraid I will tap me fingers to sleep.


Released, loaded…works like a charm.