Alarm functionality

I’m using Scrivener as an all purpose tool. I started with it as a journal/notebook and it’s working great for that. I use the program to help write papers too.

I’ve found it useful to add a todo folder for each of my notebooks and papers in progress.

Now I’m wondering if alarms might appeal to Scrivener users. A timely little nudge to deal with a particular aspect of a paper or project might be helpful.


Thanks for the suggestion. I think alarms are a little out of the scope of Scrivener, though, sorry!

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Meanwhile there are plenty of great timers for the Mac. Try searching the forum for timers and stopwatches. My favourite is a little dashboard widget called “StopIt!” You can just type in something like “15m”, press enter, and forget about it. Or if you need an alarm for an actual time, you can type in the hour and minutes instead. Since it is a widget you can have several of them running at once.

Thanks for responding.

And thanks for bringing the timer programs to my attention.

It’s been tempting for me to use Scrivener for just about everything having to do primarily with words. The organization structure is good for all sorts of projects in addition to writing long documents.

But using Scrivener to write todos isn’t an ideal use for the program. I’ll adjust.

It can be all right for that. If you use it like an outliner instead of a binder of documents, you can think of each index card as something you need to do. Then you can set up a colour labels to indicate various states, such as “maybe”, “asap”, “started”, and “finished”. If you turn on icon tinting from the view menu, you can get a pretty good overview of where you are, and can even take generous notes on items, attach documents to them with the references pane. It’s not going to replace something like OmniFocus or Things, but for simple lists it’s not too shabby.