Alerts and/or Reminders

I use Scrivener for academic writing (thesis ~100,000 words).

I would love a feature that allowed for setting alerts/reminders (similar to the one in Evernote).

It is complicated working across such a big document and sometimes I need to remember to come back to something - so atm I put this in Project Notes and/or Evernote.

but it would be awesome if I could make a note to myself in Scrivener and then add a date alert/reminder to it, so it would pop up and remind me the bits I need to work on next or come back to or reference to look up.

Please this feature would be so good for academic writing!

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I think other programs, even the basic Mac Calendar, are going to be better for keeping track of time and reminding us to do things. But there may be more integration available than you’ve been using. There is a way to copy an address to any part of a project Binder, by right-clicking on it and selecting “Copy Document Link”. Now you have a URL that you can paste anywhere links can be stored—such as in Evernote. When you click this link the original project will open (if necessary) and load the document you selected into the main editor.