Aliases, if not smart collections, for iOS

How difficult would it be I wonder to implement aliases in Scrivener? The idea of it would work exactly the same as on a Mac Finder — you have a document stored in one folder, but you put an alias in another folder, so that it can be in two places at the same time more or less without having two different copies floating around.

The reason why this seems like a good idea is in part because you can’t do smart collections in the iOS version. My issue is this: I have to keep all my docs organized in chronological folders, but I go into them and mark them with various keywords and labels. In the end what I need to find is, say, everything with the RED label. Or with a certain keyword. and these labels and keywords often overlap.

In macOS of course this is super easy because of smart collections. In this forum it seems somehow like it’s impossible to implement smart collections in iOS Scrivener, although I’m curious about that, since Mac has smart searches built into the finder and most other places. But if not that, a less elegant solution would be if I could in macOS create aliases of all my RED documents and put them in a RED folder.

That’s much messier — but it’s almost impossible on iOS to go back through 1000 documents I’ve written over the years and find everything with a certain keyword or with a certain label. The ideal would be if I could look at all the RED dox at the same time of course — see them all in one place. It would be very helpful for me, and smart collections and aliases are the only two solutions I can think of off the top of my head.