Aligned left character dialogue formatting?

Hello. Is there a way to format my US Play so that the character dialogue aligns left instead of center?

Yes, you would need to modify the Script Settings, found in the Format ▸ Scriptwriting submenu. Once that opens, select “Dialogue” in the left sidebar, then click on the Paragraph tab. You’ll find the alignment setting at the top.

That said, the stock “Stage Play (US)” setup does left align dialogue, so what you might actually be looking to change are its indent settings, found below that on the same tab. Bear in mind that the indent settings here are additive to whatever your paper margins will be on output (typically 1 inch). Thus the default of 3.0 in will usually be 4 in from the left edge of the paper. If you want it to align to the left edge of the text, then “0.0” is what you want, not “1.0”.