All first letter capitals

I have a shortcut to a style that’s SHift-Alt-6 and at some point by mistake I pressed Shift-Ctrl-6. I have checked now that this is a shortcut to turn the first letter of every word to capital. But now I cannot find a way to reverse this. What do i need to do? The Shift-Ctrl-6 is not a toggle, it only goes one way.

A style can’t do that. You must have used Edit->Transformations->Capitalize. Undo reverses it if you do it right away.

I think you misunderstood. It’s not the style that does that. The shortcut for the style is very similar to the shortcut shift-ctrl-6 - which isn’t a style nor did I create it.

I do not know what that shortcut is, I’ve not seen it before, but it made all first letters capitals and doesn’t undo it. I only noticed this later, and so now I’m stuck with some parts of my text that have all first letters capitals and am trying to make this go away and the text to revert to normal

On the Mac, there is Edit > Transformations > Capitalize. I wonder if Windows has that and Shift-Alt-6 is set as a shortcut to it.

I’ve never used it, nor tried to undo it and without doing an Immediate “Undo”, reversing the result over large tracts of text is going to be tedious. I’d probably select stretches in turn, use Edit > Transformation > Make Lowercase and then re-instate the capitals where needed using Find and Replace as much as possible (e.g. ’ i ’ —> ’ I ')



Thanks, I have looked since my last post, and there is transformations–>Capitalise, The shortcut it shows there is ctrl+^
which is in fact shift+ctrl+6 so yes that is the shortcut for this. OK, so that’s clear, and it’s clear that it only goes one way and that I can undo it immediately, but not later, which is really annoying, because I have no got thousands of words like this.
I can make them all lowercase, sure, but every word at the beginning of every sentence and every name needs to be changed, so there really ought to be some similar function that reverts things to normal text. Even if it doesn’t get names maybe.

I have now found a function in Word that at least recapitalises the sentences. OMG, this is so stupid. It could be at least a toggle function