All of the text in the body of my project has disappeared.

I just opened my .scrivx project after a year of not looking at it and the only things that remain are the binder folders and notes. Every single bit of text is gone and I have no idea why.

I am running Windows 10 on a new machine after writing the project on a different machine running Windows 7.

I downloaded the file from an email upload a year ago and figured nothing would have been ruined since I was able to open the same files and work on them on my previous machine.

The file size is 80kb as I had about 60k words written on the project.

Even the project statistics are blank. The word count says zero for every chapter even though each chapter has my original notes and titles.

Am I missing something? Do I have a setting on that makes all of the text invisible?

Or is all of my work just completely gone?

Thanks for reading and for any help given.

The .scrivx file is just the index of your project. The project itself is the folder that contains it (ending in .scriv) and all of that folder’s files & sub-folders too. You’ll need to retrieve that entire folder from your backups.