All right...

I’m going to go sleep now.

Awesome! Congrats Ioa! :smiley:

Sleep well!

Well done. I miss sleep.

I suppose it being legible and making sense, is too much to hope for…eh? :confused: Probably a load of old existential angsty tosh. That’s wot ‘appens wen y’ rush things!

Oh it’s for the garbage, no doubt about it. 8) But then that’s the fun of it.

Yeah!!! All those swear words y’ could’t begin to know the meaning of!! :laughing: :laughing:
All the same, congrats, Ioa :laughing:

That’s awesome…and now for December: National Novel Editing Month (NaNoEmo.)

EdMo is indeed a thing. (Although Emo sounds funnier. Everything is funnier with a little emo in it.)

Wow…I had no idea. It’s ALWAYS NaNoEdMo around here. But yeah, Emo sounds better.

Funny, I felt the same way.